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Creating a new app or web site often takes a lot of clear thinking and hard work… No doubt about it.  You have to organize your thoughts, write them down, identify work or thought flows, eliminate waste, and get coding.

This blog was no different. It started as an idea months back when a group of us met to discuss coding best practices, smart agile management tactics, how to create usable apps, etc.  We wanted a way to identify best practices, create a forum where we can keep our learning alive, and have a way to share what we know best so that others might benefit, comment, and offer their own thoughts too.

The “group” I mentioned works for Dominion Dealer Solutions, a company that provides a wide range of apps and services to auto dealers.  Our group is comprised of C#, .NET, and open source programmers, agile scrum masters, project managers, designers, and usability experts.  A few of us – er, that would be me – are even on the management side of things keeping all the code cats moving forward in a common direction.

So, as the first posting in, let me outline our purpose, call to arms, mission… you pick the title. In KanbanCoding we’ll discuss:

  1. All things agile – Best practices, lessons learned, egg on the face experiences, etc.
  2. Usability and user testing – Again… best practices and lessons learned but also discussions of how to get buy-in from stakeholders, work with customers, etc.
  3. Product management – Yes, I will say it again… best practices, but also discussions about getting close to your customers so you meet and anticipate their needs, track market trends, etc.
  4. Tech management – How to get your tech team to work together, how to manage change… and anything else that comes to my mind.

Finally, for those of you who don’t know what “Kanban” [kahn-bahn] means, think of it as an agile approach to manufacturing first popularized by Toyota.  Since we provide solutions for auto dealers, we liked the play on words… especially since it is a term also used in the world of agile coding.

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