Quality Assurance: is it still relevant?

This article is the follow-up discussion to the relevancy of formal Quality Assurance with products following the continuous delivery development and deployment model. The first article is located here In the last article, I described some of the development and release challenges one of my teams faced following what I assume is a fairly traditional, […]

Interop – Part II

This is part two of a multi-part series that describes a security interoperability project between a Secure Token Service (STS) built from Microsoft’s Windows Identify Foundation (WIF) and two open-source (java and ruby) web applications. The primary focus of the project was to secure the java/ruby web services using the STS. Part one of the […]

Interop – Part I

Approximately two years ago, I was asked to build security integration between the open-source applications I manage and a large web application written in .NET.  The knowns at the outset of the project included: The integration point was a custom built authentication/authorization server The server was a .NET application built on Windows Identity Foundation (WIF). […]

Chrome, Chromium, and Open-Source

I was discussing trends in technology with a colleague the other day. We were reminiscing about the “pre-internet days” and how far technology has progressed since. Near the end of the conversation I mentioned that I now spend more time collaborating through video conferences than I talk over the phone. With that thought I realized […]

An Open Source Island in a Sea of Microsoft: Part II – VPN Madness

I can’t imagine life without a VPN. A working VPN is – arguably – the epitome of how technology can enhance the life of a software/IT professional. For techies, a VPN can prevent the need to drive to the office in the middle of the night to address a software emergency (HUGE), and it affords […]

An Open Source Island in a Sea of Microsoft: Part I – The Tale of a New Printer

If you happened to read my last article, Documentation – What’s The Secret Sauce of Enough But Not Too Much?, you may have caught that the products I work with run on an open source stack. Open source is the one constant characterizing most of my career. My first introduction to professional development was at […]