Scrum for Chickens

Chicken wants to start a restaurant but needs start-up capital. He asks Pig to invest. Pig says, “Great idea; what are you thinking of naming your enterprise?” “Eggs and Bacon,” Chicken replies. “No thanks,” Pig snorts back. When Chicken asks about the sudden change of heart, Pig responds: “Because you’re only involved . . . […]

INVEST in Good User Stories

In Scrum development, User Stories are the vehicle by which stakeholders identify and prioritize application features and requirements. On the first day of each new Scrum sprint, the Team and Product Owner meet to negotiate the sprint. User Stories are the terms of that negotiation and Story Points are the currency of the negotiated contract.

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control

Quality is the degree to which the inherent characteristics of a thing (i.e., your product or service) fulfill requirements and meets expectations. The process of producing something of “high quality” is commonly called “Quality Assurance.” The measurement of quality to ensure that output meets expectations is a process called “Quality Control.” When QA is based […]